Epileptic Drugs

It is possible for people who suffer from epileptic seizures to control them through the use of epileptic drugs. It is important to understand that these drugs are not able to cure epilepsy only to control the seizures caused by the condition. How they work is still a mystery to some people even though they have been proven to work efficiently.

There are many different kinds of epileptic drugs available to epileptic patients. The kind that is prescribed to you by your doctor will depend on the type of epileptic seizure that you have and whether or not your body will respond well to them. Most doctors will start you off with a small dose and increase it over time.

They do this to control any side effects that might occur because of the epileptic drug. Of course some may find that even a low dose of the drug will cause uncontrollable and rather severe side effects. When this happens usually your doctor will place you on a different drug.

The preferred method of treating epileptic patients is with immunotherapy or one type of drug. Only when the one drug is not enough to control the epileptic seizures will they consider using polytherapy – more than one drug. Each drug might help to improve different parts of the seizure to hold it at bay.

Anyone who has been given epileptic drugs needs to take it exactly the way and the amount that their doctor has prescribed. If you take too much or even too less you could trigger seizures. Try using a pill organizer to help remind you when to take the epileptic drugs. Do not change the types of drugs and epileptic medication that your doctor has placed you on or try someone elses. This could be dangerous and lead to unknown and harmful side effects.