Epileptic Medication

There are many forms of epileptic medication that can be used to treat people who suffer from epilepsy. Doctors will try to treat their epileptic patients using montherapy – which is a treatment of only one epileptic medication. However, this is not something that will work for everyone because it may not be strong enough to hold back the seizures. When this therapy fails doctors will resort to polytherapy – which is the treatment using more than one type of epileptic drugs.

For some people determining what type of epileptic medication you should be using can be a trial and error process. It is now always possible to know which one their body will accept and which one it will reject. When choosing the best medication for their patient doctors will look at several different things.

Obviously one of the biggest factors in the decision making process for finding the right epileptic medication is the type of seizures that their epileptic patient suffers from. There are some types of medication that have been known to increase the risk of epileptic seizures while others may not be strong enough or too strong.

When finding new epileptic medication for you it is important that your doctor know what you used to take. If it didn’t work in the past than it is not likely to help any in the future. The process of elimination will make finding the right medication that much easier.

Your doctor must also consider any other medical conditions that you might have. Side effects from certain epileptic medication could cause these other conditions to flare up or they might help. A good example of this are the advantages that Topamax has on people who suffer from migraines. This epileptic drug could help them with their seizures and these migraine problems.