Epileptic Seizures

People who have been diagnosed with the epileptic condition will suffer from seizures. Medical information tells us that there are more than 40 different types of epileptic seizures. However, the more common types of epileptic seizures is what most doctors will look for and will identify the patient with.

Most of the seizures – or epileptic convulsions as they are also called – will make you fall to the ground and cause your body to spasm while your muscles are stiff. But not all seizures will cause this. These seizures can occur without any warning and in any time or place. The seizure will stop when the abnormal activity in the brain is finished and will go back to normal.

Partial Epileptic Seizure

There are two different types of partial epileptic seizures. Each of these types will affect different parts of the brain and cause different symptoms in the patient. Simple partial epileptic seizures These seizures will affect only a very small part of the brain.

Complex partial epileptic seizures will affect much larger areas of the brain. Because of this the symptoms and the seizure itself will last much longer than most other types of epileptic seizures. Certain epileptic patients who have these types of seizures may be conscious through parts of it though they will not be able to remember what happened.

Generalized Epileptic Seizures

Most epileptic patients will suffer from these type of seizures – which are sometimes called grand mal epilepsy. These types of seizures will affect all or most of the brain causing the patient to lose consciousness completely without knowing what is happening to them.

Nocturnal Epileptic Seizures

These types of epileptic seizures will only happen when the patient is asleep. It can happen during the night and the day.